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The LightSaver is waterproof for constant visibility.

Road safety is very important, are you sure you have it all?

The accessories that provide daily security for you and your loved ones should not be left to chance. The LightSaver is, for example, an accessory that provides optimal security very easily and can benefit from this protection at a lower cost.

Why would you need the LightSaver waterproof headlight?

According to road safety, the accident risk becomes much more important during the night, this is explained by the lack of visibility. No one is safe from these risks, whether you are in a truck, a car, two wheels or even pedestrians, you are exposed to greater risks at night.

In fact, winter makes us lose up to 7:20 of lighting, so we understand the lack of visibility and the increased risk.
So how could you protect yourself and also take care of the safety of your loved ones? The LightSaver is a safety accessory that is important to own, since this LED headlight will make it visible optimally at night.

This LightSaver waterproof beacon is perfectly equipped with its 12 powerful LEDs that allow easy viewing up to 900 meters. But that's not all, the LightSaver has 8 different flash modes; This can draw the attention of drivers who will see different reports that seem unusual.

If you're wondering what these 8 modes are, here they are:

Triple flash
Double flash
Simple flash
Rotary 2 to 2
12 strong fixed leds
12 fixed low leds