Ultra-Sonic Mosquito, Rat, And Pest Repellent(BUY 2 GET FREE SHIPPING)

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Are you tired of ants, spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, mice, and other small pests like bed bugs & fleas invading your home, and crawling around your kids? Well, now you can eliminate pestswithout using dangerous cancer-causing chemicals, with our Ultra-Sonic Pest Repellent!

Simply plug the pest repellent into a wall socket and it will emit Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic waves that attack the pet's central nerves and auditory system so they will run out of your house and never come back. These waves are completely inaudible and cause no harm to human and pets


  1. Our pest repellent features a microprocessor that creates forcefield in your home. By emits ultrasonic waves that create digital sequences, it can effectively prevent pests from hiding within walls.
  2. Our product automatically switches its frequency mode in every 10 minutes, preventing pests from adapting and immunizing at a fixed frequency.
  3. The ultrasonic forcefield is able to attack all types of pests and bugs within a 1,600 sq ft radius.


  • Advanced Ultrasonic Emission:
    Our pest repellents emit inaudible sound-waves that will not only show pests the way out of your home, but it will also prevent new entries! Guaranteed to repel mice, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders and all other insects and rodents.
  • All-Natural & Eco-Friendly:
    It is the safest and most effective solution that is guaranteed not harm you, your children or pets.
  • Budget Solution:
    Our ultrasonic repellent is a budget way to solve pest issue at home. It also has a low power consumption and long life operation of up to 10 years. No need to worry about expensive electricity bills and save your money from professional pest control companies. 
  • Easy to Use:
    Just plug in the repellent compact sleek device and it will work its wonders 24/7!
  • Cruelty-Free: 
    Unlike glue traps or mousetraps, our pest repellent doesn‚kill any pests; it only repels them.


  • Applicable Area: Up to 1600 square feet
  • Frequency Ranges: 22-65khz
  • Power Source: Connect to Socket; Rechargeable.
  • Net Weight: 0.5-1kg
  • Size: 88 x 55 x 33mm
  • Power: 5-6W
  • Plug Type: US, UK, EU Plug


  • 1 x Ultra-Sonic Mosquito, Rat, And Pest Repellent