Magnetic Eyelash Handmade 3D / 6D Magnetic Eyelashes Natural False Eyelashes

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  • It does not require glue, it takes seconds to apply, saving your time.
    The free glue design will not cause irritation to your eyes or cause harm to your natural eye lashes.
    Lightweight and made with premium synthetic fiber to give long, lush lashes for a beautiful look.
    Magnetic false eyelashes can be reused with proper care, saving your money from buying false eyelashes.
    Note: 2 pieces of eyelashes for one eye, so, you need 4 pieces of eyelashes for a pair of eyes

Package Included:

1 Pair (4 pcs) of eyelashes


H04,H05 Single Half Eye Magnet
H11,H12 Two Half Eye Magnet
H19,H20,H21,H22 Three Full Eye Magnet