Optica™ ClearSet Portable Keychain Reading Glasses(BUY 3 GET FREE SHIPPING)

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20/20 Vision In Your Pocket.

If you have reading glasses.. you know how hard it can be to remember to carry around that bulky case, only to use the glasses once a day. 

Portable Keychain Reading Glasses

Optica™ ClearSet are the worlds most compact reading glasses. Giving you 20/20 vision, in your pocket! Wether you're reading the paper or quickly browsing labels, menus, sell by dates etc. you'll always have access to clear sight in an instant.

 The glasses use a flexible bridge and slider system to store and release the glasses in under a second. The case itself is so thin and light, it's less noticeable than your car key.

"I'm forever leaving my glasses at home, the wife goes crazy! When i do remember them i hate carrying around the big old case, when i might only read for 30 seconds. These little keyring glasses give me one less thing to worry about!! Love them :)"

The flexible comfort grip bridge sits snug on your nose, without the need for uncomfortable arms. Perfect for reading in bed of an evening! 


  • The worlds most compact full size reading glasses give you crystal clear vision in seconds. 
  • Soft and comfortable on your nose, and designed not to slide off! No need to worry about special sizing.
  • Simply slide and seat, the glasses use a fast and easy sliding mechanism to store and release.
  • Durable and long lasting - with flexible bridge and no arms to snap, theres nothing to go wrong! You can't lose them, and they wont break.. the Optica™ ClearSet are a lifetime partner.  


1 x Optica™ ClearSet Portable Keychain Reading Glasses