4cm Shaping Leggings/Super Elastic Magic Stockings(BUY 3 GET FREE SHIPPING)

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Super Elastic Stockings sold more than 100,000 items in 2018. In order to give back to customers, we upgraded in 2019, using highest Nylon and Acrylic import from Italy to ensure high elasticity and anti-hook. 

Enjoy Moderate Compression Benefits - Provides mild (8-15mmHg) to moderate (15-20mmHg) compression which helps improve blood flow & prevent the development of varicose veinsReshape your thigh and calf curves.
Tone & shape your legs while impress with intense holographic detailing with High-elastic Stovepipe socks. Guaranteed to turn heads as you enjoy the ultra soft maximum comfort!
Our High-elastic Stovepipe socks is made from the highest quality of Nylon and Acrylic to ensure high elasticity & anti-hook. You can choose between sleek black and the natural skin color. Get this today and feel its elasticity!

This Elastic stocking made with proprietary ballistic fibers, up to 10x stronger than steel. Looks and feels like regular pantyhose. 

You can wear it during any season and have fun matching with your outfits! 
Get this today and feel its elasticity!

  • Durable and strong silk material, prevent scratch, rip, and fuzz
  • Gentlesilkylight and breathable, allowing skin to breathe freely 

  • Block the sun to prevent sunburn, protect the skin expose outside.
  • Absorb Sweat, and dry fast, to allow good ventilation
  • Italian import materials show nature luster and high quality

  • Material: Acrylic and Nylon、Green tea oil 
  • Color: Black, Nude
  • Size: Free Size
Product includes:
  • 1x Super Elastic Stockings

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